Friday, April 6, 2012

BSA Venture Crew 1796

Scouting and Marble Springs has had a long friendship over the years.  Helping to continue this friendship is Marble Springs’s sponsorship of BSA Venture Crew 1796.  

Established in 2009, this crew is a specialized unit whose mission has a distinctly historical emphasis.  Crew members learn about life in the Tennessee Valley from the mid-1700s to early-1800s.  Topics regularly covered at meetings include: clothing of the period, life skills required to survive, and typical housing & eating habits of this period.  Visiting other historic sites also provide unique insight – Fort Loudon State Park in Vonore, TN & Martin’s Station in Ewing, Virginia – both served as British outposts during the French & Indian War and serve as valuable educational destinations for learning about this unique period of history.

Learning how to be an effective leader is important to scouts of all ages. Teaching younger scouts those survival skills you have learned is just as an important part of the experience for the members of Venture Crew 1796.  From pitching historic wedge tents to learning how to cook over an open fire, practicality and survival go hand-in-hand for these resourceful teenagers.

The BSA Venture Crew 1796 is open to boys who are age 14 & up. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Venture Crew, either as a member or adult volunteer, please contact Marble Springs at 573-5508 or by email at

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