Sunday, March 1, 2015

Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month, so join us on Facebook this month as we post links to various images, blogs, and other links that depict John Sevier's wives and daughters and his interactions with other women, such as Dolley Madison and Mary Blount.

His mother is Joanna Goad, who was born in Virginia in 1723. She died in 1773 in Virginia, shortly before John Sevier moved his family to what is now northeast Tennessee.

His first wife was Sarah Hawkins, until her death in early 1780. His second wife was Catherine Sherrill, more commonly known as Bonny Kate.

His daughters with Sarah included Elizabeth (c. 1768), Sarah Hawkins (1770), Mary Ann (1772), Rebecca (1777) and Nancy (1780). His daughters with Bonny Kate included Ruth (1782), Joanna Goad (1784), Eliza Conway (1790), and Catherine Sherrill (1791).*

*Please note- the birthyears and spellings differ from source to source.

We look forward to sharing various links that we find about the women in John Sevier's life on our Facebook page, and we hope you will check in!